Mulch – What you need to know & How to choose Mulch.

March Mulch Madness GTF Nursery, Pensacola, FL


Have you heard about our March Madness Mulch Offer? We are anticipating a large influx of orders due to seeing our recent sales stats spiking heavily. Due to this recent spike, we decided to create an offer as now is the time to prepare gardens for the summer months and those warm sunny BBQ nights. My oh my just thinking about it, makes us want to throw away the winter jackets and bring out those T-Shirts.

So, lets fire away, what do you need to know about mulch before you buy? How exactly does mulch benefit your garden or landscaping area? Is it worth buying?.. Read on to find out if our March Madness offer is for you, or something you would like to try. Hopefully we will see you at the nursery soon to help you out with any questions you may have.


To begin with, try to choose a mulch that compliments your home style, design and colors within the surrounding areas of where mulch will be used. For example, if you use dark mulch the colors of your flowers will stand out more. However if you live an a region were overheating concerns you, please remember black reflects heat, therefore there is a possibility of overheating your plants.

Mulches are made of varying materials including rock, wood and synthetic. Here at GTF Nursery, Pensacola we provide Wooden Mulch – Red, Tan, Dark Brown and Black Rubber – Black.

Black Wooden – This hits well with modern to cotemporary looking houses. Giving a dramatic look against anything with white blossoms – Remember, black attracts more heat than the other colors. You need to decide if black suits your location and environment determining heat factors.

Brown Wooden – Brown sets the tone for any green foliage. This helps those with more greener gardens to gain that professional look and feel giving it a more natural look. Brown is probably a great choice if you have a good mix of green foliage and flowers.

Red Wooden – If you like that “wow” reaction, red is for you – eye catching and head turning. Red also compliments many colors within your garden.

Soil in hot climates tends to hold less moisture therefore the water evaporates leaving the plants to dry out quicker than if using mulch. Wood mulch keeps that evaporation at a low preventing the loss of excessive water.

If you are looking to add health to your garden soil area, then in general wooden mulch is your best option as it breaks down naturally over the years adding essential elements. Using rubber and synthetic mulches do not help with the health of your soil and take a lot longer to break down.

Got pests? you know, those pesky little things munching around your garden annoying the heck out of you? Well, did you know Pine Cedar wooden mulch, Cypress wooden mulch or Eucalyptus helps to repel those pesky pests. In addition this works to eliminate ticks and gnats too including in your home.


WEED CONTROL To benefit you need 2-4 inches layer to help slow the growth of weeds. This will block some of the light the weeds receive to germinate which in turn slows the growth and eventually stops the growth of weeds that sprout. Ask your supplier if their mulch also holds a herbicide which is an additional add to the mulch for weed control.

PREVENTING SOIL EROSION – Wood chip naturally creates a defensive layer. As a result this will stop soil erosion due to the natural pieces locking together, in effect this also prevents soil erosion during heavy wind and rain.

RETAINS MOISTURE – Want to save time watering? Consequently using mulch reduces moisture evaporation. In short, this leaves more water in the soil for the roots of your plants.

COMPLIMENTS ANY HOME – With rich colors and a display of organized color, mulch gives you that professional just landscaped look.


  • Avoid piling directly around any tree, plant or shrubs, leave approximately one or two inches. By laying too close, this can possibly cause rot and give shelter to pests feeding.
  • Rubber mulch is less likely to blow away. however, rubber takes longer to break down over time.
  • Can also be used to create paths, walkways and used around stepping stones for a pathway.
  • When new and wet, color can transfer easily to surfaces. Be sure not to store near sidewalks, driveways and decks if you do not want any color stains. Wear gloves if necessary to stop hands staining and protective clothing.

We hope you enjoyed our quick intro guide to Mulch. Please share amongst those whom you think would benefit from our little piece of know how. And, of course if you would like any further advice, please don’t hesitate to call or pop by and visit us. Also, don’t forget our offer coming out soon and if you would like to pre-order give us a call and mention March Madness.