Valencia Orange Tree – The Most Planted Orange Tree Worldwide

Valencia Orange Tree

If you are lucky enough to live within zones 9 -11 within the USA, then this is the Orange tree for you.   Now I get it, the first question you are asking along with being just slightly frustrated by this first line of information is “Ok, so what is zone 9-11”? “What does that even mean? I just want to buy a fruit tree”.  If you are an expert within the plant/tree world you will obviously know your zones, however, let us think about those who are simply curious and learning or wanting to learn more.

To help anyone whether you are a professional, enthusiast or knowledge gatherer, here is a link to all the zones within the USA.  This should help you determine what plants are best for your area, location, and climate.   The link below is considerably cool from USDA, just select your state or enter your zip code.  If you click on the Interactive Map Tab on top of the tool bar, you can click on the location within the map, and it tells you which zone you are in.  Have a try, it is interesting to see

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map


  • As we mentioned in the headline, Valencia Orange Trees are the most planted tree worldwide.
  • 50% of Florida’s orange crop is from the Valencia Orange Tree.
  • Valencia Oranges are naturally sweet. Ideal for juicing!
  • Valencia Oranges are the ONLY type of orange available in the Summer.
  • Valencia seeds are distinctive, they have anything from one to six seeds.
  • This orange was created in Santa Ana California as a hybrid during the 19th Century.
  • William Wolfskill an American land developer and agronomist patented the orange himself.
  • California eventually stopped having success with Valencia and Valencia moved to Florida.
  • Hey you could say “Valencia lost it’s mojo in California”
  • Mid-20th Century the orange was developed into virus free strains by Lena B Smithers-Huges a botanist from Florida.
  • Known for its long shelf life.  Up to three weeks refrigerated.
  • DID YOU NOTICE IT WAS 11 INTERESTING FACTS? And now you just counted 11 – right?


One year ago, processing plants took a hit when it came to the speed of production. This was mainly due to increased sanitization procedures, more employees staying at home with family and social distancing. At that particular time there was an abnormally hot, dry and windy weather conditions which stressed out the trees even more which were already suffering from the effects of HLB.

To read more about how Covid impacted the Citrus growth, see the full article here.



For newly planted trees, two to three times a week is enough for the first several weeks.  Then once a week.   Always check the dampness of the soil as this tree’s roots grow wide, so you need to make sure the tree is getting enough water – Remember, moist but not wet! 

This tree prefers slow watering.  Try to create a drip feed of water or a bubbler hose, never just turn on the hose and dump a whole load of water into this beautiful citrus beauty believing that you are helping the Valencia quench it’s thirst.  You are not!  However, water often enough to keep the soil consistently moist.   Watering too much will cause root rot which nobody likes to see.


Sun, Sun, Sun.  Full sun exposure for at least 6 to 8 hours each day.   You will grow the biggest oranges if your tree successfully gains 6-8hrs each day. 


Make sure the soil in this area is fertile and well drained and deep enough for the roots to grow fully.


Best for hardiness zones 9-11 with temperatures ranging from 55-100 degrees.   For winter temperatures within your zone area these trees prefer 35 to 50 degrees. 


Fertilizer is beneficial for the Valencia tree.  Once the fruits start to appear apply the first batch of fertilizer, then during the harvest season apply either once a month or every other month.   Once dormant season hits try to apply fertilizer twice a week.


Valencia Oranges must be the best oranges in the USA. Of course we would say this, Florida is our Native State and we love oranges. Still, we do believe they are the best and why?  Sweet, beautiful scent, ideal for dessert, juicing and salads.   Also, this tree looks beautifully ornamental inside or outside, it truly is a stunning looking citrus tree.   

Why wait? get that beautiful looking tree whilst you can. 

Crazy but True and we do apologize tremendously. Whilst preparing this blog article and driving that interest to purchase a Valencia, we sold our very last one which was a diamond of a tree. The demand for this tree is real!

We are however, taking special requests as of 05/13/21.